Neighbours’ Janet: ‘Lyn’s no cougar!’

Lyn Scully’s future is far from rosy – but could there be love in the air? Neighbours actress Janet Andrewartha reveals more…

What do you most like – or dislike – about your character, Lyn?

“I think she is genuine and well meaning, which is what I like about her. What I dislike about Lyn is her inability to make a decision. She is a bit of ditherer while, on the other hand, she is quite complex because when she makes a mistake, she is the first to admit to her mistakes. She’s a very human, frail, complex character and I just love playing her.”

Do you have a favourite storyline from your years on Neighbours?

“Oh, there are so many, but more recently I’ve really enjoyed all the sparring with Rebecca. Jane Hall is such fun, so that’s been great.”

Lyn often finds herself drawn back into battle with her ex, Paul (like when he blackmailed her over the Scully house fire recently). Are there still unresolved feelings between the pair?

“Well, when she returned again in 2009 and burst in on Paul and Rebecca’s wedding to announce that she and Paul were in fact still married, she revealed to Susan that she was in fact still in love with Paul. I think she still holds a flame for him, but the emotions vary depending on the situation.”

Would you like to see Lyn in a romance? And with which character?

“Yes, I think a romance would be ideal as a lot women of Lyn’s age would enjoy starting a new romance and could relate to it, as long as it was a mature romance. Lyn’s not a cougar!”

Can you give us a few hints as to what’s in store for Lyn in 2011?

“Well, she’s been through a lot with the fire and loses everything, she’s homeless, her daughter is in jail so she is at an all-time low. 2011 will be the remake of Lyn, pulling herself up by her boot straps and starting again, and looking after her family.”

Do you still keep in touch with any of your onscreen kids, Carla Bonner, Holly Valance, Jack Bunyan or Kate Keltie?

“Yes, all of them. I haven’t heard from Jack for a while and I know he’s been busy but with the three girls, quite regularly. I love them.”

Neighbours is watched in loads of countries around the world. Do you find you get recognised a lot? In unexpected places?

“I was recently in China and no one recognised me! However, in the UK and Australia there is a lot of recognition and it’s a lovely thing. And I love the way people are so polite. I was having dinner in Hong Kong with my family and a lovely Australian woman waited until the end of dinner to come up and say hello. I thought that was very courteous and I certainly don’t mind people telling me they love the show and the character, it’s a wonderful situation to be in.”

Have you visited the UK before? If so, where are your favourite places?

“I still haven’t been to Scotland and Ireland and that’s on my list. I love England and have travelled it extensively. I love Bath, Oxford, but to be honest, it’s the people, not necessary the locations that I enjoy.”

When you get time, what do you like watching on TV?

“I always make time for the news and I’m really enjoying Mad Men.”

Neighbours has had some big name celebrity guest appearances in the past, such as Shane Warne and Little Britain’s Matt Lucas and David Walliams. Who would you LOVE to see appear?

“Sir Ralph Richardson. That would be interesting.”

*Neighbours can be seen weeknights at 5.30pm on Channel 5.