Neighbours’ Kate and Kyle have ‘a moment of weakness’

Neighbours actress Ashleigh Brewer says the one-night stand between Kate Ramsay and Kyle Canning is ‘a moment of weakness’.

Ashleigh’s character Kate shares a passionate moment with Kyle (played by Chris Milligan), despite Kyle dating her best friend Georgia. The pair previously kissed last year while Kyle was dating someone else.

“It is a moment of weakness for both of them. No one takes advantage of the other, but they both find themselves in a situation where they shouldn’t be,” she told Australia’s TV Week.

“This isn’t the first time they have given in to their attraction but it is the first time they’ve slept together. It’s the furthest they have pushed the boundaries.”

Chris added: “It’s almost like a comforting thing. They are both sitting there, having a few drinks, helping each other through a tight spot and then it happens. These two just seem to come back together every so often.”

But the fling could affect their friendship in Neighbours. Chris admitted: “When they wake up, they realise what they have done and start freaking out. They agree to keep quiet, but Kyle doesn’t know how long he can. He can’t hold on to things.

“He isn’t one to keep secrets and he can’t walk around with this guilt on his shoulders.”


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