Neighbours’ Kip Gamblin wants more stories for the Willis family

Neighbours star Kip Gamblin has revealed he hopes Pam and Doug Willis will keep appearing on the show.

Terence Donovan and Sue Jones recently returned to the Channel 5 soap after 20 years, in a storyline which saw the Willis family rally round Doug as he came to terms with the on set of dementia.

Brad Willis was previously played by Scott Michaelson until he left Neighbours in 1993.

But Kip – who took over the role in 2013 when Brad returned to Ramsay Street – revealed it was easy to build the father-son bond with Terence on screen, as he is an old friend of the family.

He explained: “It was great. My mother was actually a bridesmaid at Terence Donovan’s first wedding. Jason [Donovan]’s mother was a friend of my mum’s and they actually went on the boat together over to London, they were both actor-dancers. So my mum went over with her and she ended up being a bridesmaid at her wedding.

“So we kind of have a bit of close family history. He’s such a lovely man, and I just felt quite grateful to be working with him, he’s very charming and very easy to work with.”

Kip said he hopes his on-screen parents return. “I really loved working with both of them. I think Sue Jones is one of the best actors I’ve ever worked with to be honest. I really hope they get them back, get them some more storylines.

“They offer a lot to the show, I think it’s fantastic having senior artists on the show, it’s a good idea.”



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