Former Neighbours star Kylie Minogue has received a surprise video message from her soap son during an interview with The One Show.

The pop singer – who rose to fame playing Charlene Robinson on the soap in the 80s, before leaving to pursue her music career – was shown a video of Tim Phillipps, who has recently been cast as Charlene’s son Daniel in the Channel 5 soap.

Tim was shown on set in Australia saying: “Hi mum, it’s Daniel, your son in case you didn’t know. I haven’t heard from you in ages but someone said you’ve been busy on The Voice and releasing a new album? Er, you never told me that.

“I’m living on Ramsay Street now so if you can give me a call, that would be great. I miss you. Love you mum!”

Kylie’s character famously married Scott Robinson (Jason Donovan) in the programme, and they have been happily married off-screen ever since, with their 26-year-old son arriving back in Erinsborough this month.

She told the BBC One magazine show: “That is so brilliant. I don’t really follow the show – maybe I’ll have to get back into it now and keep an eye on my son. That was just brilliant.

“I’ve seen a picture of him but that’s the first time I’ve seen him.”

Talking about her character being old enough to have a son Daniel’s age, the 45-year-old star said: “She did skip Ramsay Street quite young, I have to say. Off she went in her Mini Cooper. It’s good to know that the family’s together.”