Neighbours’ Kym Valentine: ‘I’m all loved up’

Neighbours‘ Kym Valentine has revealed she’s ‘loved up’ in her relationship with a former co-star.

The actress, who stars as Libby Kennedy-Fitzgerald in the Australian soap, is dating Jonathon Dutton, who played Wayne ‘Tad’ Reeves until 2002.

Although she said she’s not ready to talk about the romance, Kym admitted to the Herald Sun: “To say I was loved up would be appropriate.”

The 32-year-old said she is the ‘happiest and healthiest’ she’s ever been, following a tough two years in which she divorced husband Fabio Tolli, and was plagued by rumours of romance with co-star Jane Hall’s (Rebecca Napier) former love Vince Colosimo.

She said she dealt with the gossip by saying nothing and waiting for it to subside.

“It was really frustrating because people jumped to a lot of conclusions that were not true,” she added.

The actress also endured a period of ill health last year when she was forced to take time off work because of a collapsed lung.

Speaking of her new-found happiness, Kym said: “I am so grateful not to have high drama and illness in my life any more.

“The past two years have made me appreciate what I’ve got. Honestly, I don’t know how I got through it.

“I just kept thinking ‘one day it will pass’ and eventually it did.”

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