Neighbours’ Melissa: ‘Lucy’s back to sort out Paul!’

There’s a big surprise in store for Paul Robinson when his younger sister, Lucy, returns to Erinsborough in June! We caught up with former Neighbours regular, Melissa Bell, for a chat about her soap return and how she’s now Paul’s boss!

Were you surprised to be asked back to Neighbours?
“Yes, I was very surprised to be asked back. The last time was the 20th anniversary in 2005. But I couldn’t wait to play Lucy again as I did grow up playing her.”
What brings Lucy back to Erinsborough after all this time?
“Lucy comes back to sort Paul out and let him know she is now the head of Lassiters worldwide! She is a very strong headed business woman now.”
Does Lucy bump into her ex-boyfriend, Brad Willis, while she’s in town?
“They don’t cross paths this time. But Lucy is aware that Brad is moving back with his family. So she gives Brad’s wife, Terese, a job as a manager of Lassiters. So if I did come back it could be an interesting storyline as Brad and Lucy nearly got married once. So yes, there would still be a connection.”
Did you have fun working with Stefan Dennis again?
“Stefan, who plays Paul has always been my fave! He is my big brother after all! I loved working with him and it felt like no time had passed at all. Paul and Lucy have a very special bond. She has always looked up to him. But now the tables have turned and she’s in charge.”
What do you like most about your character?
“I love everything about Lucy. I played her from a young age. So to follow that through to where she is now is a great and awesome thing. She is strong-minded and has the sheer grit and determination to succeed at what ever comes her way, like myself.”
What was it like working on Neighbours alongside cast members like Alan Dale (Jim) and Anne Haddy (Helen) back in the day?
“I loved working with Alan Dale and Anne Haddy at the time. I learned a lot from two fantastic actors.”
Do you have a favourite storyline from your time on Neighbours?
“I’ve had so many fantastic storylines over the years. It’s hard to pick one.”
What have you been up to since we last saw you on our TV screens?
“I have four awesome kids now, aged from 5-17 years old. So I have been a working mum and a business woman as well. I’ve worked on the big screen on many different projects.”
Do you keep in touch with any of your former co-stars?
“Over the years you run into people. I kept in touch with a few more when I was living and working in London.”
Would you like to see Lucy return to Ramsay Street again?
“Yes, I could see Lucy moving back to Ramsay Street again. Who knows, this time she might even find her Mr Right!”


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