Neighbours star Menik Gooneratne has revealed a new crisis in Priya Kapoor’s life could help bring her and husband Ajay closer again.

Their marriage has been rocked after her affair with Paul Robinson was revealed in the Channel 5 soap, but when the high school principal starts getting threatening messages, she turns to Ajay (Sachin Joab) for support.

Menik told TV Week: “She thinks it’s a student, Alister, as he’s been quite vocal in taunting her. But the culprit is actually Alister’s father Brian.

“The fact that it is Brian is what prompts her to tell Ajay. It’s dawned on her how dangerous this is. She didn’t want to tell Ajay, because she’s put him through so much already, but the seriousness of the situation forces her to be honest.”

Seeing his wife so vulnerable makes Ajay realise they need to get help to save their marriage.

Menik revealed: “Priya’s been pushing hard for counselling, and Ajay sees that she is a broken woman. It makes him realise they’re treading water and need to do something if they want to fix their relationship. It’s early days still, but they’re moving in the right direction.”

The scenes in the Aussie soap will air in late March on Channel 5 in the UK.