Neighbours’ Morgana O’Reilly explains why ‘the slap’ really stung (VIDEO)

Neighbours’ ‘Naughty Naomi’ Canning got the slap she so richly deserved from Sonya this week, but actress Morgana O’Reilly is not so sure she deserved it.

Morgana said: “I’m quite protective of Naomi, so I want to be like ‘No!’ So I just think she got it a little bit wrong.”

After a disastrous relationship with a married man, Charles, she immediately put the wrestling moves on her married boss, Toadie. But Toadie’s wife Sonya was less than impressed when she discovered how Naomi kissed her hubby. And in a dramatic showdown on Neighbours this week, Sonya gave Naomi a piece of her mind. Ouch!

Watch Neighbours star Morgana talk about Toadie, that slap and which Ramsay Street resident Naomi has set her sights on next: