Neighbours’ Morgana O’Reilly will perform for a place to sleep! (VIDEO)

Neighbours star Morgana O’Reilly reveals she has an unusual payment system as a house guest on her travels – she performs her one-woman play.

Morgana is on sabbatical from Neighbours and her character, Naomi Canning, while she performs her show, The Height of the Eiffel Tower, at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and she talked to What’s on TV about the unusual places she’s performed it.

“It’s funny how I’ve performed this show in the past, in living rooms, people’s homes or just wherever,” said the New Zealand actress. “So when I went travelling I did it in people’s living rooms as a way to say ‘Thank you for letting me stay on your couch, I can’t afford to pay you any money’, or would do it do it for a little bit of donation. So I’ve done it in some pretty crazy, weird places which has been awesome.

“I did it in an apartment in Shoreditch, in an apartment in Amsterdam, on Venice Beach for some friends, at the Burning Man Festival for the people I was staying with, who let me camp with them. It’s great, it’s so low maintenance it just needs a chair!”

Morgana’s currently performing The Height of the Eiffel Tower at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Watch our chat with Morgana above.