Aussie soap star Imogen Bailey – AKA Neighbours‘ Nicola West – was overwhelmed by the positive response she got from fans on a recent UK tour.

“I felt really proud to be part of something that is so loved,” Imogen told Sydney newspaper the Herald Sun. “I had a little girl run up to me at the airport in Scotland shouting: ‘Nicola, Nicola’. She was so excited to meet me, and that was a wonderful feeling.

“I had more than a few proud Aussie and Neighbours moments in London. My being there made the news, which just goes to show how big [Neighbours] still is over there.”

Although British fans may adore her character at the moment, we’ve yet to see Nicola take a turn for the sinister.

“All actors love to play characters that people have strong feelings towards,” she said. “If you are able to evoke passion from a viewer, even if it takes the shape of hate, then you know you are affecting your audience.

“I actually had a lady approach me in the street and say: ‘You’re doing a great job, because I hate Nicola’s guts’. That was a happy day for me.”