Neighbours’ Olympia Valance and Tim Phillipps discuss their love triangles (VIDEO)

NeighboursOlympia Valance and Tim Phillipps have reflected on their tumultuous first year on the Aussie soap and are enjoying the demands of their love triangles.

Olympia’s character Paige Turner is on the rebound from Mark Brennan with his brother Tyler, while Amber Turner has replaced Imogen Willis in the affections of Tim’s character Daniel Robinson.

“It’s a tough job,” Tim joked with What’s on TV. “At this point he’s so, so smitten with Amber that he just doesn’t see any body else but her. That’s who he strongly believes he belongs with. I guess Imogen believes she belongs with him and Amber believes she belongs with him so… Hey, the writers write it!”

Olympia added: “I’ve got a bit of triangle too!… I hope not [the end of Mark]. At this stage Mark has obviously moved on with Naomi and Paige is trying to find someone to move on with and the first person that comes to mind is Tyler… How about it with the other Brennan?!”

Watch Olympia and Tim talk about their first year on Neighbours and his playing Kylie Minogue’s son, above.

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