Neighbours’ Olympia Valance: Holly’s helped me all the way (VIDEO)

NeighboursOlympia Valance says her sister Holly Candy (formerly Valance) has always been on hand for advice on how to handle the demands of soapland.

Olympia’s in London for Neighbours’ 30th anniversary and revealed to What’s on TV some of Holly’s advice: “The first thing she said is because it’s so fast-paced, make sure you learn your lines. If you don’t know your lines you’re wasting everyone’s time, people get frustrated. This crew have been there for 30 years, they get frustrated when people come on and they’re not prepared because everyone else has come in prepared.

“Also having a lot of sleep because we work really long hours and we get up really early and it can really exhaust you…. Do your job properly and do it well!”

Olympia, who joined as Paige Smith last year, added that she was an avid Neighbours fan from a young age, primarily because her sis starred on it. “I used to always watch when I was a kid. I’d come home from school and it was so exciting… Actually it was really annoying when I’d watch an episode and she wasn’t on because I’d really only watch it for her back then.”

Watch Olympia (and co-star Tim Phillipps) talk about Holly and how she came to direct Paige’s on-screen style, above.

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