Neighbours has celebrated its 7,000th episode in Australia, with a comedy storyline featuring Ramsay Street favourite Dr Karl Kennedy.

The milestone edition screened in Australia on Friday and will be shown on Channel 5 next month, according to Digital Spy.

The episode saw Dr Karl, played by Alan Fletcher, in the spotlight as he realised he had won AUS$7,000 on a scratchcard – only to lose the winning ticket and embark on a desperate hunt to find it.

A picture of Neighbours star Alan Fletcher

Dr Karl Kennedy featured in the 7,000 episode of the soap

Neighbours’ series producer Jason Herbison said: “While Karl and Susan do drama extremely well, viewers also love the comedy these two characters create. And as Karl is renowned for his frugal spending, who better to be chasing a dollar in this special episode?”

The landmark show puts Neighbours in the spotlight as Australia’s longest-running drama. The show will celebrate its 30th anniversary next March.

The 7,000th episode of the show will screen in the UK on November 7 at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.