Neighbours’ Rebekah Elmaloglou: ‘I’m so excited we’re reuniting as father and daughter’

Channel 5’s Neighbours star Rebekah Elmaloglou talks about her character Terese’s latest troubles and her long overdue reunion with a former Neighbours favourite!

How is Terese dealing with the news about Brad and Lauren’s long-lost daughter? 
“Hmmm, not well. Finding out your husband has a child with a former flame is probably not something a wife prepares herself for. It is definitely a shock and something she needs time to digest.”
Does Terese feel secretly threatened having Brad’s ex living so close?! 
“Terese’s first thought is her own family and how it’s going to impact on them and I think that is only natural.  She wants to protect them. And while she has been remarkably relaxed about the fact Lauren and her husband dated, and she has been completely trusting of Brad – this is a completely different situation and she is struggling.”
Do you think the Willis marriage can survive this latest shocker?
“Because their marriage is strong, or at least Terese thought it was, I think Brad and Terese can get through this. But Brad has to be completely open with her moving forward.”

What advice would you give your character on dealing with all the drama? 
“My advice to Terese would be to think before reacting and while it’s a huge ask, try to put herself in Lauren’s shoes… And watch Lauren like a hawk!”

Terence Donovan is about to return as Doug Willis. He also played your dad in Home and Away years ago!
“Terence is a beautiful man and I was very excited to hear we were reuniting as father and daughter-in-law after all these years.”
Why is Terese worried that Brad’s parents always preferred his first wife, Beth (Natalie Imbruglia)?
“Doug is old school, and as Terese is all about juggling career and family, this doesn’t go down well with him, and Terese is pretty feisty so he isn’t used to this!”
How has your first year on Neighbours been?
“It has been fabulous and has gone so quickly. At first it was a bit of a juggle because I have a young son, however I have terrific support from my husband so it all works well. And I actually enjoy the frenzy of it all!”
Terese has had some fantastic face-offs against the legendary Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis)!
“I think Paul and Terese are fantastic foils for each other, I love their banter and Stefan and I have so much fun on set. Terese can definitely hold her own with Paul and she’ll fight him tooth and nail, however there is a real shift in their relationship coming up which will surprise viewers.”
Do you still keep in touch with anyone from Home and Away? 
“To be honest, I don’t see a lot of the cast except at industry events. But like everyone, thank god for Facebook!”