Neighbours’ Scott: ‘I thought I was being killed off!’

As Lucas Fitzgerald is diagnosed with cancer, we catch up with Neighbours star Scott Major to talk about his challenging storyline plus the return of Lucas’s ex-love, Steph…

How does Lucas take the news that he could have cancer?
“Lucas has gone through a hard time recently. I think he gets four and a half minutes of joy finding out that his son Patrick’s operation went well. Then Karl drops the bomb on him that he has a very high white-cell blood count. He goes into a bit of denial. ‘It can’t be me. It won’t happen to me.’ Which is a very human reaction to have. He is totally shocked and in disbelief. Unfortunately in this day an age we are all touched by cancer in some shape or form.”
Why doesn’t he tell his girlfriend, Vanessa?
“They have been through so much lately, when Patrick almost died, that he just wants to let Vanessa have a bit of happiness. He wants her to be able to enjoy her son at home and not be at the hospital or think about the hospital. So I think he wants to protect her, give her a bit of joy in her life before he drops this bombshell.”
Does Lucas think he can handle this situation on his own?
“Before Lucas had a family of his own, he was very much a loner. He did what he wanted and thought he could get by in life relying on just himself. So he thinks he can get through this on his own. But he’s also still thinking, ‘It’s not cancer. This isn’t happening. It’s not real.’ Lucas thinks he can prove that Karl is wrong.”
How did you feel about being given the storyline?
“When I first found out, it went through my mind, ‘Oh cancer, am I being killed off?’ But I questioned the producers and they assured me that Lucas doesn’t die. So that was a good thing! But it is a very personal storyline for me. I lost my father to cancer four years ago. I also have a very dear friend who is currently living with leukemia. We don’t save lives working on a soap, but maybe we can raise a bit of awareness. Hopefully encourage men and women out there to get their check-ups. With early detection there’s more chance of beating it. So once I found out I wasn’t being written out of Neighbours I was very happy with the storyline.”
The month of May also sees Steph Scully released early from prison…
“Lucas is stoked to see Steph. They have been very good friends for a long time and he hasn’t seen her in a couple of years. Steph wouldn’t let him visit her in jail. So it’s a positive thing for Lucas to have Steph back in Einsborough at a time when he needs a mate round.”

How does Steph discover Lucas has cancer?
Steph is helping Lucas out at the garage when she receives a call saying Lucas is late for his hospital appointment. So she confronts him at the hospital about what’s going on. Eventually he breaks down and admits the truth. He doesn’t want to, but when he does it is a relief to talk about it, especially with Steph who herself had breast cancer. At that point he still thinks he is saving Vanessa from the grief. Obviously he is totally and utterly wrong…”

What are Lucas’s feelings for Steph?
“He only looks on her as a friend. A lot has changed since Steph went away. Vanessa and Patrick and now Lucas’s world. Lucas is not aware of Steph’s true intentions. If he knew Steph had any feelings for him he would put an end to it.”
So what lies ahead for Lucas?
“I would love a bit of bright sunshine, rainbows and lollipops, but I don’t think that’s on the cards! I think Lucas and Vanessa have a very big journey ahead of them. Just when they think things can’t get any worse, maybe they do…”


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