Neighbours’ Scott: ‘I’d love to work in the UK again’

We caught up with Neighbours star Scott Major (Lucas Fitzgerald) to find out why he’s leaving the soap after five and a half years, and what he’s planning to do next…

Why are you leaving Neighbours?
“The producers actually called me in and told me they felt my character, Lucas, had run his course. When I first found out it was a bit like a girlfriend breaking up with you when you’re not ready to break-up. ‘I’m still into this relationship, how can you not want me?!’ But in the same conversation they said they didn’t want me to leave the building and offered me the chance to direct some episodes of Neighbours. It’s a big compliment and I’m happy with that. Directing is a big challenge and I love a good challenge.”

You directed the Steph In Prison webisodes earlier this year, didn’t you?
“Yes, that’s right. I’ve also directed five or six episodes of Neighbours before, so it’s lovely to be given the opportunity to continue that. The Neighbours cast are very down-to-earth and easy to work with.”

You filmed your final scenes this month. Are you happy with the way Lucas leaves?
“As an actor you don’t really get a choice with the storylines. But I am happy the writers have stayed true to Lucas and given me a massive challenge on the way out. Lucas goes down a very dark road before his exit. That was a massive challenge for me as an actor and I loved it.”

What have you liked/disliked about playing Lucas?
“I like the fact Lucas does stupid things. I think that’s very real. He acts first and goes from the heart and messes up big time. He says stupid things and gets jealous. He should probably learn from his mistakes! I’m really fond of Lucas. There’s nothing major I dislike about him. Some of the storylines have been hard. Like where Lucas’s dad died eight months after my own father had died. So that was a challenge.”

Are we going to see Lucas and Vanessa get hitched before you leave?
“It’s a soap, there’s always a wedding! Lucas definitely wants to get married. He wants to show everyone how much he loves Vanessa. He wants to give her the wedding of her dreams, even though they can’t afford it.”

What kind of reaction did you get to the testicular cancer storyline?
“It’s an unfortunate thing, but I think everyone has been touched by cancer. I’ve had some really interesting letters from people who are going through a similar thing. So if Neighbours can help by raising some kind of awareness about it, that’s a good thing.”

What do you want to do next?
“I would actually like to work in England again. I did a couple of shows, Doctors and Love Soup when I lived in the UK years ago. I also have a dream to work in French cinema. Where ever the work takes me really.”

Have you kept any souvenirs from your time as Lucas?
“I am planning to steal Lucas’s leather jacket, maybe some of his suits. I might go into the garage and see what’s there. I’d like Lucas’s motorbike, but I don’t think that’s going to happen!”

Who will you miss the most?
“Stefan Dennis (Paul) and I get along very well. We ride motorbikes and play tennis together. Eve Morey (Sonya), Ryan Maloney (Toadie), Jackie Woodburne (Susan)… the whole cast. They are all wonderful people, very down to earth. I will miss being an actor on the show.”