Romance is in the air as Kate FINALLY gets back together with hunky ex-copper, Brennan! Will the couple get their happy ending at last? We chat with Neighbours star Scott McGregor to get the scoop…

Kate keeps pushing Brennan away. We’re surprised he hasn’t given up on her by now!

“Kate has always been the love of Brennan’s life. Even when he came back during the eclipse and Kate was seeing Mason, he still thought he was the one for Kate. So I think that’s why he keeps trying!”

Brennan’s ex-girlfriend Sienna turns up in Erinsborough! Is she out to wreck Brennan and Kate’s romantic reunion?

“Sienna definitely throws a spanner in the works! She starts to show her true colours now she and Brennan have split up. Viewers can watch the webisodes, Brennan On The Run to get the backstory to Sienna.”

Why does Brennan clash with Paul over Kate?

“As Kate’s uncle, Paul has always been very wary of Brennan because he has put her through so much. So, Paul is less than thrilled to see them get back together. When Kate eventually takes Brennan back they are having a canoodle on the couch and Paul walks in and that’s how he finds out!”

There are rumours Kate (Ashleigh Brewer) is about to make a SHOCK exit from Ramsay Street!

“There are a few twists and turns. It takes Brennan quite a while to win Kate back over. The last couple of episodes for Kate are amazing TV! Viewers will be torn.”

We want to see them get hitched!

“Well, Brennan is planning a big surprise. There’s a really nice episode where Brennan is going to propose to Kate! He knows she is the love of his life. He wants to make her birthday a bit more special. But things don’t go as planned. There’s a huge twist that happens…”


Uh-oh! Does this mean Kate and Brennan are not going to have a happy ending?

“Well, it was tough filming the episodes. One minute we were laughing and then in the next scene I had to be bawling my eyes out! Emotionally it was the hardest thing I’ve had to film since being on Neighbours…”

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