Neighbours star Scott Major has revealed Lucas Fitzgerald thinks he’s doing the right thing by not telling girlfriend Vanessa he has cancer.

The mechanic – who has just welcomed his child with Vanessa – keeps his diagnosis a secret, but when ex-girlfriend Steph Scully guesses something is wrong he confides in her.

Scott said: “Poor Lucas, being the dopey male that he is doesn’t realise it’s such a bad thing. And he believes that he is saving Vanessa from the grief. And he’s not confiding in Steph, she’s just found out, and he’s not going to tell Vanessa until he finds out exactly what the consequences of his diagnosis are.”

It is not until Lucas gets out of surgery that he finds out Vanessa knows he’s told Steph and not her.

Scott said: “When he’s made aware of how bad that is [not to confide in her], he does feel bad about it and he tries to make it right any way he possibly can.”

He added: “I think any kind of diagnosis like this or life-threatening disease can either bring a couple closer together or tear them apart and I believe with Lucas and Vanessa it will bring them closer together.”

The Ramsay Street hunk added how much he is enjoying having Carla Bonner, who plays Steph, back on Neighbours.

He said: “It’s been fantastic. Bons and I get on very, very well and have been great friends for many years. It’s been great to have her back on set and I remember the first scenes saying ‘It’s like you never left’.”