Little more than a year after they married, Neighbours’ Sonya (Eve Morey) and Jarrod “Toadfish” Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) are facing their second major test as husband and wife.

Their married life didn’t get off to the best start when a gas explosion tore through their wedding reception and caused the death of two of their close friends.

Now the Ramsay Street couple are having problems, reveals Sonya actress Eve, with Toadie accusing Sonya of neglecting their relationship and getting overly involved in other people’s problems.

The wedge between the pair widened when newcomer Jacob (Clayton Watson) impulsively kissed Sonya, something that she later had to confess to a furious Toadie.

But things go from bad to worse in upcoming episodes, as new Ramsay Street resident Naomi Canning (Morgana O’Reilly) sets her sights on Toadie and begins to stir up further trouble.

“The kiss with Jacob was the first big crack in their relationship,” Eve, 30, told the Daily Express. “Even though Sonya didn’t have feelings for him, it hurt Toadie a lot.

“Naomi is a femme fatale. She’s opportunistic and manipulative. The fact that Toadie is married doesn’t even register!” she laughs.

So does this spell the end for Ramsay Street’s golden couple?

“Whatever happens, it’ll be devastating for Toadie and Sonya’s relationship.”

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