During a recent visit to the UK, we caught up with Neighbours star Ryan Maloney to talk Toadie, the trouble with Troy and whether Toadie will ever marry his girlfriend, Sonya?

Jarrod ‘Toadfish’ Rebecchi has been a Ramsay Street resident since 1996. What do viewers love about him?
“I think the character’s strength is that he’s just fairly normal. Both Toadie and his girlfriend, Sonya are the kind of characters that people want to see achieve. They hold every day dreams of having a good job and a happy family.”

Are you anything like Toadie in real-life?
“Toadie has a sense of loyalty and justice like me. The bigger difference for me is that I am probably more forthright in my opinions and sense of justice. Toadie is more diplomatic. I can be a bit of a bull at a gate!”

Terrible Troy has recently re-appeared in Erinsborough. Are Toadie and Sonya worried that Troy could get custody of Callum?
“Yes, Troy is a definite threat. Especially as he’s bought the house next door! He’s up to his old tricks and causing a lot of stress.”

What do you think about the decision to bring back the character, played by Dieter Brummer?
“Troy’s a great character. But I’d be worried if he became a permanent character. Having to turn up to work every day and film all those stressful scenes, I would have an emotional breakdown and probably have to leave the show!

We hear a rumour that this storyline takes a tragic twist next month! How do events effect Toadie, Sonya and Callum?
“It makes Callum grow up quicker. He takes on more of an adult figure within the family. But ultimately it brings them all closer together.”

How has your co-star Morgan Baker (Callum) been coping with all the heavy scenes?
“Morgan has had some massively heavy scenes to play lately. But he’s great, he’s constantly trying to give it his all.”

Is Toadie looking forward to being a dad?
“He’s over the moon at the thought of the baby. It has always been his dream to have his own child. So it was heartbreaking when he originally discovered that was probably unlikely. But now Sonya is expecting, it’s the ultimate gift. Things are going fairly smoothly with the pregnancy at the moment, but there’s another big drama in store!”

Will Toadie and Sonya ever get married?
“The thing is, does Sonya really want to marry a guy who has attempted to get married three times? His first wife, Dee, died in a tragic car crash. Then he was due to marry Steph, but she just didn’t love him the way he loved her. And when he and Steph finally did get married it was all a sham! I think the sacrament of marriage has well and truly been blown for Toadie!”

Are there any past characters you’d love to see back in Ramsay Street?
“Joe Mangel, played by Mark Little. He’d be really good!”

A lot of the Neighbours cast are now on Twitter. How about you?
“I don’t have Twitter. But, yes, there are quite a few people in our Green Room at work busy tweeting each other. I don’t have anything against it, but it’s quite a lot of pressure to have to constantly message people back. But there’s actually a Neighbours storyline coming up, where Toadie starts a Twitter account for his and Sonya’s baby. It’s quite funny!”

Neighbours airs weekdays at 5.30pm on Channel 5.