Daniel Robinson only arrived in Erinsborough recently, but he’s already caught up in a Ramsay Street love triangle. We chat with Neighbours star Tim Phillipps about Daniel/Amber/Josh… and his famous on-screen mum!

Since our last chat, you’ve filmed a special video message for your on-screen mum, Charlene (aka Kylie Minogue!)

“Yeah, I came into work one day and they said, ‘Would you mind making this video?’ It just felt like filming another behind-the-scenes clip, so it didn’t really sink in. But then to see Kylie watching it on The One Show and to see her react to it was a massive kick and quite a bizarre experience! So that’s the closest I’ve got to speaking to Kylie Minogue!”


The love triangle is about to explode on UK screens! Why do Daniel and Amber end up kissing in the dark room at Erinsborough High?

“Paige notices there’s something going on between Daniel and Amber and tests out her theory. She pretends to make a move on Daniel which really brings Amber’s emotions to the surface. Amber and Daniel reach a point where they can’t fight their feelings any more…and the kiss happens.”


Whoops! How do they feel afterwards?

“Amber and Daniel are so glad they are together because they are so in love. But then they have to deal with reality. Daniel is a really caring, loving person. So the kiss weighs heavily on his conscience.”


What is it about Daniel that attracts Amber?

“Daniel is a bit of a free spirit and older as well. He’s been travelling around Australia and is a real individual. He’s following his heart which is really infectious. So Amber responds to that side of him and likes the way Daniel treats her.”


But it all goes horribly wrong when Josh finds out!

“Yeah! Josh discovers Amber’s been talking to Daniel through an online game, CrashWords. Josh goes to ask Daniel what’s going on, and walks into the dark room and there is Daniel with his girlfriend…”


Uh-oh! Is anyone on Amber and Daniel’s side when the truth comes out?

“Everyone kind of goes against them. Paul is always going to look out for his nephew, Daniel, whether he’s in the right or not. Amber has a lot to deal with. She is close with the Willis family, but they are all really disappointed in her. The hardest part is, Amber doesn’t want to lose Josh’s sister, Imogen as a friend. So there is collateral damage.”


So are Daniel and Amber going to be happy together? Or is their romance doomed?

“At the moment it is them against the world. I think everyone thinks they are being young and silly. But Daniel and Amber think they are in the right and know exactly what they are doing. So it’s a battle between young love and those who are older and wiser and think they know what’s best. So it’s not smooth sailing.”