Neighbours star Ryan Moloney has revealed new arrival Georgia Brookes is set to stir things up in Toadie Rebecchi’s house.

Georgia (played by Saskia Hampele) is set to appear on UK screens later this year when she turns up on Ramsay Street and moves in with her cousin Toadie and his pregnant girlfriend Sonya Mitchell (Eve Morey).

Ryan, who has played Toadie for nearly 18 years, said: “It’s another mouth to feed. She comes in and ends up staying at our house. It’s a bit full in our house, especially with a baby on the way as well.

“It looks as though she’s annoying Sonya and she’s going to be a bit of a pain in the neck, but then Sonya and her get on like a house on fire and it backfires on Toadie.

“He’s stuck with someone who agrees with Sonya’s hippy birthing ways. But it’s lovely to have another member of the family on the street.”

Ryan also said a familiar face will be returning to Erinsborough soon – but refused to reveal more details.

He teased: “We’ve had a little bit of a blast from the past arrive back, an old member of the House Of Trouser – I’m not going to say which one – it’s quite nice to have him floating back in there and I can already tell that I’m going to get in trouble for mucking around too much.”

Ryan appears with former Neighbours star Mark Little (Joe Mangel) on Celebrity Wedding Planner, Monday September 3 at 10pm on Channel 5