Neighbours fans from the UK are much more likely to criticise producers’ decisions than Australian ones, according to the soap’s head honcho.

Executive producer Susan Bower told Inside Soap magazine that Brits soon make their voices heard if they fear Erinsborough history is being re-written.

She said: “I’ve learnt that fans in the UK really care about the show’s past, whereas back home in Oz, viewers are much more in the moment.”

She went on: “In Britain there’s a feeling of ownership – in internet forums fans will soon say if they don’t agree with what we’re doing!”

It seems some UK fans don’t even wait to see the episodes before making their feelings known.

Speaking about the current Kennedy surrogacy storyline, which sees Susan (Jackie Woodburne) attempting to have a child on behalf of daughter Libby (Kym Valentine), Susan said: “I’ve had quite a few letters from people in England who’d heard about it before it was even in the papers in Australia saying they disagree and think it’s shocking.”

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