Neighbours’ Woodburne: ‘I hate break-up twists!’

Neighbours star Jackie Woodburne has confessed she and co-star Alan Fletcher were “devastated” when they learnt their characters Susan and Karl Kennedy were set to split up again.

The on-off couple, who have had their fair share of break-ups and make-ups over the years, have called time on their relationship again, but Jackie admitted she prefers it when the pair are together.

“I don’t like it when (Karl and Susan) break up! When they told us that they were going to separate Karl and Susan again, we were both a bit devastated, really, because we enjoy working together so much,” show favourite Jackie told Digital Spy.

“But I think this break-up’s a bit different, because it’s not about an affair – it’s just that Susan’s at a point in her life where she wants to see who she is if she’s not a mother or a wife. Who is she as single Susan?”

Susan has embarked on a new role as editor of the Erinsborough News, and Jackie said she has no plans to quit the soap, which airs in the UK on Channel 5.

“The show’s going through a really strong phase at the moment. We’ve got a really great young cast,” she added.

“That kind of reinvigorates those of us who’ve been in the show for a long time. We lock into their energy and their enthusiasm, and that inspires us – and in turn, hopefully we inspire them.”