Neighbours was rocked by real-life drama when police were called to an incident on the set.

A regular extra, who has not been named, became distressed and behaved erratically during filming on Friday, cutting her wrist with a glass and smashing props while shooting a scene in the set of Charlie’s Bar.

Executive producer Susan Bower told the Herald Sun: “It was a bit of a shock – one of our regular extras wasn’t really feeling the best and started behaving in an extraordinary way.

“She was very distressed and swung her hand and knocked a glass off a table.”

Filming was reportedly cancelled for the day and cast and crew were removed from the set.

Producer Neal Kingston said: “We were concerned for the welfare of everyone and removed all cast and crew until the police arrived to assess the situation.

“She broke a couple of items so we cleared the situation to make sure everyone was OK and waited for authorities to arrive.

“She was assisted by police and went willingly outside with them.

“The ambulance came and took her to hospital and, from our understanding, her injury was successfully treated.”

Neighbours staff are said to have been in touch with the extra’s family to check on her, and filming returned to normal on Monday.

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