Australian beauty Sarah Ellen reveals she had to catch up on Neighbours icons Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan when she was cast as their daughter, Madison Robinson.

Sarah, 18, told What’s on TV: “When I found out I was playing Scott and Charlene’s daughter… I definitely went on YouTube and watched some classic clips of them… The wedding, Kylie’s entrance and when she hit Jason Donovan. Yeah, I had a bit of a Kylie and Jason marathon.”

Sarah said Jason and Kylie had both been really encouraging about her new role.

“They’ve both have been super supportive,” she said. “Kylie’s been really lovely. She reached out via social media and the media to say congratulations. I surprised Jason on The One Show… It was really funny because he had no idea who I was. So I was like ‘Hi Dad!’ But yeah, they’ve both been super supportive and they’re both just beautiful souls.”

Budding journalist Madison is on a mission when she makes an unconventional entrance in Erinsborough on Friday.


“So Madison comes down to Ramsay Street to look after her brother because he’s going through a life-changing decision [getting married] at the time,” she said. “She’s there to just care for him and to make sure he’s OK and to make sure he’s making the right decision. So she’s really caring and lovely and also she’s there to reconnect with her Uncle Paul, who she hasn’t seen in years… But he’s actually avoiding her because he’s going through a lot of strife at the time.”

Sarah joins Neighbours this Friday on Channel 5.

Watch the interview with Sarah, above.