Neighbours fans are set to see what Scott and Charlene’s son looks like as the soap is going to introduce Daniel Robinson to Erinsborough.

The character has been mentioned on the show a few times, but he has never been seen in person and now producers are planning to cast an actor to play Daniel, who will come to Ramsay Street to see where his parents first fell in love.

Daniel’s mum and dad are the popular Aussie soap couple played by Jason Donovan and Kylie Minogue, and in Neighbours’ storyline both now live in Brisbane with Daniel and their daughter, Madison.

Producer Jason Herbison said: “Charlene and Scott are the quintessential love story who have the happy ending. More than 25 years on, they are still remembered worldwide.

“It is fantastic that we can reopen this chapter of Neighbours’ history for a new generation of viewers.”

Daniel will be introduced to Ramsay Street by his uncle, Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis), the only remaining cast member who appeared on screen with Scott and Charlene.

Stefan said: “It really is a significant piece of Neighbours’ colourful past and let’s face it, the kid could not have come from a better gene pool.”