Scott faces an unhappy exit from Neighbours

Neighbours actor Scott McGregor has revealed his character’s exit from the soap won’t be a happy one.

Scott plays Detective Mark Brennan, who was only meant to be in the Aussie show for four weeks, but who proved so popular with viewers that he was given a longer run, which comes to an end in April.

In that time he has investigated ‘who pushed Paul?’ and in recent days has been undercover at the race track. But soon he’ll be the one pushed out. Where will that leave his love interest Kate Ramsay?

Scott hinted about his exit: “It could be happier… but all I can say is he is forced to leave the street.”

Scott plans to go back to modelling, but will miss everyone on the show and especially Ashleigh Brewer, who plays Kate.

“They’re a fantastic bunch of people and I get along really well with the crew who have been great to me,” he said.

“I couldn’t have picked someone better to play an on-screen girlfriend. Ashleigh and I hit it off from day one, she’s very special.

“The hardest thing has been that we laugh too much, so in serious scenes we are really struggling sometimes to hold it together.”

Scott also revealed that the door ‘could be’ left open for his character to return.

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