Sheree Murphy: ‘I couldn’t quite believe I was offered a role in Neighbours’ (VIDEO)

Former Emmerdale and Hollyoaks star Sheree Murphy says she couldn’t quite believe it when Neighbours producers offered her a role in the iconic Aussie soap.

Later this week Sheree debuts as businesswoman Dakota Davies, an old flame of Paul Robinson, and told What’s on TV: “When I was offered a role, I couldn’t quite believe it actually. I still have moments, especially on set… I’m in Neighbours! And there’s Paul Robinson! It was a bit surreal.

She continued: “Loads of my friends here in England were so excited because it is such an iconic show and, especially being a foreigner, it was very surreal and I was completely honoured when they asked me.”

Sheree’s married to Australian football star Harry Kewell (formerly of Leeds United and Liverpool) and is no stranger to life in Australia. But she had to get used to the Aussie sense of humour on the Neighbours set.

“I did get a bit of stick being the Pom on the show,” she said. “I think most of the crew and some of the cast were probably more interested in my husband because he’s Australian and plays ‘soccer’ so lot of them were more interested in asking questions about him, so it was a novelty… but everyone was so lovely.”

Watch Sheree talk about working on Neighbours, her husband Harry and kids, and her character, Dakota Davies, above.