Sheree Murphy says she’d find it ‘very hard to say no’ to a permanent role in Neighbours

Former Emmerdale star Sheree Murphy says she received a warm welcome from Aussie soap Neighbours when she arrived on Ramsay Street to guest star as Dakota Davies, a ruthless businesswoman and old friend of Paul Robinson, who is played by Stefan Dennis.

Sheree, who appears for a short run in Neighbours from October, said: “Stefan was brilliant to work with, so welcoming. He’s been a part of the show for so long and is so enthusiastic about it. He invested a lot of time into what we were doing on screen which made it even more enjoyable.

“He was my guide – I kept getting lost in the building. He’s just a really sweet, down-to-earth guy.

“Stefan and I had a lot in common; he lived in London for a long time and we’ve got mutual friends which I never knew,” Sheree continued. “The only thing he didn’t like was football, he wasn’t into football.”

Sheree, who is married to retired Australian footballer Harry Kewell, said she was a big fan of Colette Mann, who plays Sheila Canning: “I used to watch her on Prisoner, so I was a bit starstruck by her, and she is so funny.

“I got very friendly with Olympia Valance [who plays Paige Smith] and I’m still in touch with her. She’s coming over to London so I’m going to see her.”

Sheree said she’d love to be a Neighbour again: “It’d be very hard to turn down because it was such a great place to work. If we were over there permanently and they wanted me, I’d find it very hard to say no.”

Neighbours continues on Channel 5 on weekdays at 1.45pm and 5.30pm.