Sonya and Mark succumb… and kiss in Neighbours!

Sonya Rebecchi and Mark finish up kissing in an upcoming episode! But Sonya instantly regrets it and then hits the bottle in Neighbours

In the wake of her split with Toadie and the loss of her baby, Neighbours‘ Sonya Rebecchi is in a state, as is Mark Brennan. He’s devastated that Sonya lost the baby she was carrying for him as a surrogate, and is in turmoil.

When Mark opens up to Tyler about his confused feelings for Sonya, his younger brother urges him not to act on them. But will Mark listen? When the pair end up spending the night together, a kiss is shared… but, later, Sonya turns to drink.

Are Mark and Sonya going to become an item or are they just good friends? And will either of them be able to overcome their pain and get their lives back on track?