We catch-up with Neighbours’ star Stefan Dennis for a chat about the return of Paul’s ex-wife, Rebecca and Ramsay Street’s most famous ex-residents…

Paul has just been voted mayor of Erinsborough. Should the residents of Ramsay Street be worried?

“If I was a member of the Erinsborough community, I wouldn’t be sleeping very easily! Paul is not altogether vicious but certainly he is a bit corrupt! He genuinely does have the welfare of Erinsborough at heart. But he’s going to use that power to give certain people a hard time.”

Does Paul feel guilty about the dirty tricks he used to force rival, Karl out of the election race?

“Of course not! It’s funny though because two of the people who Paul has always been closest to is Karl and Susan. If you have followed the history of them, particularly Paul and Susan as friends, for some reason they always manage to forgive and forget the things Paul does. I don’t know why! Paul resorted to every trick in the book he could and pulled the rug out from under Karl.” 

We hear Paul’s ex-wife, Rebecca is returning to Neighbours next month!

“Yes, it’s actually Paul that brings Rebecca back to Erinsborough, completely unbeknown to her. Paul has held a torch for Rebecca even after all the things she did. Yes, she did famously push him off that balcony at Lassiter’s but he certainly drove her to do it. There have been two great loves of Paul’s life – his second wife, Gail and Rebecca. He doesn’t want to let Rebecca go. So when Paul discovers there is a way he can bring her back, he puts this plan into place.”


It was also recently announced that Daniel Robinson, the grown son of Scott (Jason Donovan) and Charlene (Kylie Minogue) is being introduced later this year?

“Yes, I can’t give too much away because I have been sworn to secrecy! I was very fortunate because the producers insisted I was a large part of the casting process, so we could find exactly the right person for the role. And the right person was actually a surprise even to me. Without giving anything away, I have worked with this person before. But he was a real surprise!”


Do you think the roles of Scott and Charlene would ever be re-cast and brought back?

“It’s tricky. We have re-written history with Neighbours before. We’ve been able to get away with replacing central characters with a different actors. I guess the biggest example of this was the character of Scott Robinson who was first played by Darius Perkins (currently back in Neighbours as a different character, crooked Marty) and then replaced by Jason Donovan. I think I’m the only Robinson who was never replaced. A lot of people don’t know this but Jim Robinson was replaced at the very beginning of the show with Alan Dale. So it has been done before. But with Kylie and Jason, are they too iconic? Would the audience accept that Scott and Charlene are now played by different actors?”

But it would be great to see them back for the 30th anniversary of Neighbours next year!

“You’d better start up a petition! Can you imagine the ratings if Kylie and Jason came back for just a couple of episodes! Get all the Kylie and Jason fans on board!”

Neighbours continues weeknights at 5.30pm on Channel 5.