Stefan: ‘I don’t think Rebecca meant to kill Paul’

Neighbours‘ Stefan Dennis tells Soaplife that Paul is obsessively in love with Rebecca and will do anything to stop her leaving him…

Paul nearly died when Rebecca pushed him off that balcony, but that doesn’t stop him loving her – and refusing to let her leave him. “She’s one of the two great loves of his life – the other was second wife Gail,” says Stefan. “He can’t imagine living without her.”

Is that why he’s so controlling?

“This is what we men sometimes do when we feel like we’re losing a person. We hope we’ll fix it by taking charge, but you only end up further apart.”

Why does he let Rebecca go to Queensland then?

“Paul briefly realises just what he’s doing to the woman he loves by keeping her a virtual prisoner. So he agrees to let her visit her family.”

Why would Paul want to be with someone who tried to kill him?

“The Lassiter’s incident was an accident. Rebecca was angry with Paul, but I don’t believe she meant to kill him.”

We heard her say she wanted him dead!

“People sometimes say these awful things in the heat of the moment, but don’t really mean them.”

Does Paul know about Rebecca’s feelings for Michael?

“Not at the moment – but that’s going to change as her feelings for Michael become stronger. When Paul realises there’ll be lots of conflict.”

Can you tell us if Paul has a future with Rebecca?

“If I told you what’s going to happen I’d have to kill you…”