Everybody needs good Neighbours – but it’s time to say goodbye to the famous theme tune.

Rumours have been flying around that there’s going to be wholesale changes behind the scenes at the Aussie soap.

And a spokesperson for the show revealed: “The show is getting a big makeover, a big new family, plus a lot of other new characters and the return of some popular old ones. There’ll be High Definition, new sets, new titles and a new theme song. And no, the writers haven’t been given the sack!”

Luckily for fans, it seems the suggestions that the programme might even be taken off air for some time while a revamp takes place aren’t correct.

The rumours were fuelled by the departure of several major characters, or the fact that others seemed to be on the verge of quitting.

But one thing is for certain, a Ramsay Street source has confirmed Fiona Corke will be returning for a short stint as Gail.

So will the former Mrs Robinson be breaking Paul’s heart all over again? Perhaps some things never change…

AUDIO: Listen to the latest Neighbours theme

AUDIO: Listen to the original Neighbours theme