Neighbour‘s Ryan Moloney warns Toadie gets in too deep trying to protect Steph and her baby secret…

Toadie was with Sonya. So why did he go running when Steph called?

“Toadie will always have a bond with Steph and loyalty is everything to him.
Forget bond. Next thing he and Steph are annoucing they’re back together.”

What’s going on?

“It’s all part of Toadie’s plan to keep Steph’s secret that she’s having Dan’s baby. Toadie knows if the truth gets out it will have truly horrendous repercussions for so many people and he wants to protect them.”

So it’s nothing to do with love really?

“That’s not the plan. But Toadie definitely still has feelings for Steph. Whether it’s love or not we’ll have to wait and see…”

How do Susan and Libby react when Toadie and Steph tell them the news they’re an item again?

“Everyone’s stunned, but as Toadie and Steph nearly got married it’s not beyond the realms of possibility.”

Lucas takes the news badly and punches Toadie. Does he deserve it?

“I’d have punched Toadie too! Lucas has been through so much with Elle leaving
and the accident… then the one person he thought he had a chance with, Steph,
is stolen by a mate. He’s absolutely gutted and it’s understandable.”

Is Toadie so understanding when Lucas deliberately smashes into his car?

“He’s not at all understanding and gets Lucas charged with criminal damage. Steph tries to talk him out of it, but Toadie insists it’s a matter of his family’s safety.”

It should also be a matter of decency that he tells Sonya about him and
Steph. Why hasn’t he?

“Toadie and Sonya had just moved to the next base – if you know what I mean – and he knows the news will crush her. In the end the telling is taken out of his hands when Lucas lets it slip.”

How far will Toadie and Steph go to keep up the charade?

“All the way. They plan to keep the pregnancy a secret as long as possible so they can fudge the due date so it looks like Steph conceived after she and Toadie got back together. Steph and Lucas never slept together so if anyone finds out she’s pregnant already they’ll want to know who the father is. But one lie is leading to another and their real challenge is going to be trying to remember what story they’ve told to who…”