‘Finn’s arrival spells trouble for teacher Elly,’ said Neighbours’ Jodi Anasta

Teacher Elly Conway is stunned when her past love life comes back to teach her a lesson in Neighbours, Jodi Anasta reveals to Soaplife…

Elly Conway’s really been enjoying her teaching job at Erinsborough High, but all that changes when she sees who former colleague Brad Willis’ replacement is. “She’s totally freaked out because the new teacher is a guy called Finn Kelly, who she was once in love with him and he broke her heart,” Jodi Anasta tells Soaplife. And now she fears he’s out to make big trouble for her.

Why is Elly so worried?
“Elly’s already intimated to Mark Brennan [Scott McGregor] that there’s a deep, dark secret in her past. Finn [Rob Mills] is linked to this. She’s been trying to keep this under wraps since she arrived back in Erinsborough, but she’s really worried it will come out now Finn’s also in town. She thought they were madly in love, then she found out Finn was married! Now she’s confused. Is Finn in Erinsborough to cause trouble for her or does he still have feelings for her?”

Elly’s aunt and boss, Susan Kennedy, thinks Finn is a good catch for the school, doesn’t she?
“Yes, she’s very impressed by him, which doesn’t help matters. It unnerves her that Finn appears to be fitting in so well.”

Does Elly tells Susan about her history with Finn?
“Yes. She always confides in Susan [Jackie Woodburne] about everything. I love their relationship. Elly can be flighty and she’s certainly no angel herself, but Susan seems to get through to her. If it wasn’t for Susan, Elly would trip up much more than she does!”

Is Finn a bad person?
“Everyone has a past and there’s often a reason why people make bad choices. Finn, like Elly, has been through some tough times. He has issues and, as a result, he isn’t making the best choices. This is making him seem like a bad person, even if he isn’t intrinsically nasty.”

Sounds like he’s going to be trouble…
“Yes… there’s the very real risk of him causing huge problems both for Elly andfor Erinsborough High.”

Neighbours, Channel 5

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