Toadie has finally discovered the terrible truth about awful Andrea in Neighbours. But will we ever find out what happened to his doomed wife Dee?

It looks like the game is up for scheming con-artist, Andrea Somers who has spent weeks pretending to be Toadie’s back-from-the-dead wife, Dee Bliss so she could get her hands on a family inheritance.

But even though Neighbours star Madeline West has finished filming the role, the actress is sticking around in Ramsay Street to work behind-the-camera doing some directing and writing.

“They film an astronomical six episodes a week,” reveals Madeline who originally played Dee between 2000-2003. “I need to add technical skills to my directing bow. Neighbours is learning on speed.”

And when she’s not working on the Aussie soap, Madeline is kept plenty busy with the six children she has with her chef husband Shannon. Last year her first book, Six Under Eight was published in which she discussed her life with five young daughters, a son, a turtle, a sheep and two ducks! Madeline is now working on a follow-up book.

Madeline West book
Meanwhile, Neighbours executive producer Jason Herbison has hinted we might not have seen the last of Madeline, Andrea…or even dead Dee?!

“Anything is possible,” he tells Digital Spy. “We have not answered any questions about what happened to the real Dee. I respect that she’s a beloved character and many fans want to see her alive.”

Neighbours continues weekdays on Channel 5.