Disaster and danger strikes Karl Kennedy, Susan and Kirsha during a camping trip

Susan and Kirsha get lost in the bush during Erinsborough High's leadership camping trip

Susan, Karl Kennedy and Kirsha are in big danger! Out in the bush, students and teachers are gathered for the Leadership camp.

Kirsha’s anxious – and her stress levels rocket when Poppy starts picking on her. The bully is caught in her tracks and sent home. Susan lends her support to distressed Yashvi but the pair get detached from the group. Soon, Susan and Kirsha are lost.

It takes hours for the others to realise they’ve lost Susan and Kirsha. Yashvi and Xanthe head off to look for them before raising the alarm.

With daylight fading, they’re running out of time to find them before nightfall. Panicked Karl defies Toadie’s advice to stay put and heads off the bush to find his wife. But disaster soon strikes the doc, too…