Courtney makes a move on Leo! How will he respond? Plus it's payback time as Gary takes the ultimate revenge on Terese...

Leo is taken aback when Courtney asks him to stay the night with her and makes a move! Will Leo be seduced and what exactly is Courtney’s game  – after all she’s in a relationship with Paul!

Elsewhere in Neighbours, Gary is doing his best to throw himself into his work following his split with Terese but is  struggling especially as all the staff at Lassiters know about the dramatic wedding day antics!

When Terese later asks him to chuck away her sofa, he finds it odd that she’s thinking about furniture, until Paul lets slip that it’s the very same sofa he and Terese enjoyed a passionate romp on!

A goaded Gary is furious and decides it’s payback time for Terese. Uh oh…what’s he got in mind!?