Toadie and Sonya are utterly stunned when Toadie's wife Dee – who was believed to have died more than 10 years ago – appears on the doorstep!

The Rebecchis’ world, as they know it, is about to be blown apart on Neighbours. The epic shock comes about with a knock at the door… As Toadie opens it, he’s utterly stunned to find a woman, who’s the spitting image of his late former wife Dee Bliss, standing there!

Dee and Toadie married in 2003, but the couple didn’t make it past their wedding day as a car crash ended up taking newly-wed Dee’s life. So Toadie is literally blind-sided when the woman explains she is Dee and that she survived the clifftop fall which gave her amnesia.

As Dee talks, her explanation of the fateful day is so precise, Toadie starts to believe her and before long the lawyer is convinced he’s witnessing some sort of miracle! But his wife Sonya isn’t having any of it…