Fertility thief… Izzy STEALS Karl’s sperm in Neighbours!

Izzy steals a sample of married Karl's sperm when he refuses to father another child with her

The Kennedy couple come close to the edge this week when Karl appears to be considering Izzy’s request for him to father another child. When Susan tells him it will be the end of their marriage, however, Karl listens and turns Izzy down. But Izzy isn’t put off. As luck would have it, she finds out Karl’s been taking part in fertility trials. Sneaking into the hospital, she gets hold of Karl’s sperm sample and steals it! Will Holly, who finds the empty vial, tell her dad what her mad mum has done? [check out the latest Neighbours storylines]

Ben’s given food for thought about his future when he visits Oakey where his dead dad Drew grew up. Will he leave Erinsborough?

An awful situation kicks off beside Lassiter’s Lake when Mark lashes out at Paige and Jack and accidentally sends baby Gabe careering into the water in his buggy…