Flashback! Mark and Paige kissed in Queensland

A flashback episode, to Paige's trip to Queensland, reveals she and her ex, Mark, kissed when he came to visit her.

A flashback reveals why there’s such tension between Paige and Mark in Neighbours. They kissed when he visited her in Queensland! But she insists she wants to leave things there and move forward rather than rekindle a relationship.

Mark is gutted to be rejected, and he’s not the only one as Jack pipes up about how he feels about single mum Paige who turns him down, too, saying he had his chance and now her son Gabe is her only focus.

It’s all a bit awks at Paige’s birthday party where she tells Elly, she has no regrets about how things ended with Mark. But when she goes on to give Elly a voucher for a wine-tasting, and Elly takes Mark, she is left shocked at the jealousy which bubbles up inside her.

Elly and Mark’s vineyard visit sees the pair have an amazing time. Is romance on the horizon? Can Paige handle that?