Piper causes mayhem at the Erinsborough formal in Neighbours

All hell breaks loose at the long awaited Erinsborough formal when Piper Willis loses her temper and hurls a drink over a mystery woman!

It’s the night of Erinsborough School Formal and everyone’s excited, getting into their oufits, taking pictures and looking forward to the possibility of some romance.

Piper is super excited to be going to the bash with her hot date Tyler, but when Brad and Terese find the vlog she made him on her phone and later overhear her talking about her plans to ‘go all the way’ with Tyler they step in and ban her from going!

Piper is absolutely fuming. What’s she going to do about it?

Meanwhile Xanthe, who’s had a huge crush for ages on Ben, is hoping this will be their chance to finally get together.  Will her dreams her come true?

Plus there’s a new face in Erinsborough when Susan’s niece, Elly, shows up.