Paige is knocked out in the boxing ring in Neighbours!

When a fired up Paige gets in the ring she's gets more than she bargained for!

Paige continues to feel frustrated and let down when Jack refuses to give any chance of a relationship a go and instead focuses on his church vocation.

With the realisation that any romance is doomed, Paige’s behaviour gets increasingly reckless and she decides to throw a party. As the drink flows, she and Tyler have a drunken heart to heart and one thing later leads to another and the pair end up kissing and spend the night together!

When Piper finds out what’s happened, the fallout is huge and Paige ends up taking refuge at Jack’s Outreach centre where there’s a boxing ring.

Again, taking out her frustrations, Paige decides to let rip in the boxing ring with Jack’s friend Dustin. However, disaster strikes when she’s sent flying to the ground and is out cold! Will Jack run to her rescue?