Are Sonya and Mark getting a little *too* close in Neighbours?

Toadie notices how close his wife is getting to Mark, who's now single after being dumped by Steph. With pregnant Sonya acting as a surrogate for the copper, are she and Mark getting too close?

With Mark now a single man in Neighbours, he has more time to devote to pregnant Sonya, who’s a surrogate mother for his unborn child. As the friends grow ever closer, their bond is not lost on Toadie, who wonders if his wife and the copper are getting a little too close for comfort.

When Sonya spots Elly and Mark flirting, she wonders whether they’re seeing each other. Brennan gets the end of the stick and assumes Steph’s sticking her nose into his business, forcing Sonya to admit she’s the one with concerns. But is her apparent disapproval over Elly’s parental suitability a cover up for jealousy?