Will Karl and Susan Kennedy help Rita Newland replace Clive Gibbons?

Erinsborough Hospital board member Rita reveals her big plan to replace hospital boss Clive and give Karl the job instead!

Dr Karl Kennedy has spent more time as a hospital patient than a doctor lately.

He was diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and put on blood-thinners. Then he fell down a bank in Neighbours out in the bush and ended-up with a dislocated knee and a broken leg and had to be rushed to hospital for emergency surgery!

But Karl is given a big chance to get his career back on track when hospital board member Rita Newland reveals she wants to replace current hospital boss, Dr Clive Gibbons and put Karl in charge instead!

This is the big opportunity Karl has been waiting for. Trouble is, he just promised wife Susan he would take some time-out and focus on his recovery. What will Karl do?

Also this week on Ramsay Street, Sheila Canning’s hunky new gardener Cassius Grady turns heads in Erinsborough. While parents Shane and Dipi Rebecchi have a serious matter on their hands when their teenage daughter Yashvi is the target of racial harassment on the footie field.

Catch Neighbours from Monday 28th May on Channel 5.