Car crash birth? Will Paige and her baby survive in Neighbours?

A car crash leaves pregnant Paige and her baby fighting for their lives while Jack finally finds out he's the father.

On the verge of her move to Queensland, pregnant Paige is desperate to do the right thing and tell Jack he’s the father of the baby. She’s had a few goes at it – but each time she’s failed. This week, after another fumbled attempt to drop the baby bombshell on the priest, a car crash changes everything and leads Jack to find out…

The awful incident leaves Paige’s unborn baby in dreadful danger. The impact with Brennan’s police car has totalled the doors, petrol’s leaking and she’s starting to haemorrhage! With the emergency services unable to get to the scene quickly, it’s down to Tyler to cut Paige from the wreckage to get her to the hospital. Will Karl and co be able to save the unborn tot? And will Jack decide to quit the church in favour of parenthood?