Steph accuses Elly of sleeping with Mark!

Steph breaks up with Mark - then finds Elly leaving her ex's bedroom! Has Elly slept with the copper in Neighbours?

Steph is due to meet Mark for a romantic meal, but instead finds herself drawn back to Victoria in Neighbours.

After another passionate encounter with her, Steph realises she has to face facts. Her relationship with Brennan is over. Biting the bullet, she dumps him! As broken-hearted Mark goes into shutdown mode, Steph tries to apologise… and finds Elly Conway leaving the copper’s bedroom!

Furious, Steph lays into Elly and accuses her of sleeping with Brennan, but is her anger justified? Has something really gone on between Elly – who’s going out with Ned – and Mark? And what’s more, where will Mark and Steph’s split leave surrogate mum Sonya, who’s currently carrying their baby?