Neighbours’ Steph uncovers her stalker – it’s Josie!

Steph reckons she knows who's stalking her and blames Josie, Victoria and Ellen's daughter.

With all the stress Steph has been under lately, the mechanic is worried that it’s having an effect on her mental state. Given that Steph has a history of mental illness, she’s rattled when a situation at the garage leads her to believe she could be becoming ill again.

But Steph soon discovers someone’s been playing mind games with her and is stunned to find Josie, the daughter of Ellen and Steph’s recent ex, Victoria, is at the root of the trouble. When Nell goes missing while Steph is babysitting, she’s only too quick to lay into Josie when she finds the teen out front at the Rebecchis’… But was Josie planning to do wrong by little Nell or has stressed-out Steph been too heavy-handed?