Has stressed-out Susan’s MS returned in Neighbours?

Susan collapses at school and is unable to get up without help, leaving Karl worried his wife's MS has returned.

Susan’s still stressed-out about Xanthe, who reluctantly returns to school, this week, following the whole Finn debacle in Neighbours. But all too soon it becomes too much for Xanthe, who pushes Susan over in her haste to get away.

The incident serves only to increase Susan’s concern which later impacts on the principal. Karl’s fears are realised when his wife collapses in the school playground and is unable to get up. Worried that Susan’s MS has returned, doctor Karl orders his wife to take a break from work. Will Susan agree?

There are highs and lows for Willow whose reappearance in Erinsborough continues to cause ripples. She’s desperate to see Sonya and Toadie get back together but, when a good deed backfires, Willow is left worried she’s causing more problems for the estranged couple.

With him and Willow crashing at Shane’s, Toadie decides they need a place of their own. Willow’s delighted when he announces he’s found them an apartment at the Eclipse. Will it take Willow’s mind off her nerves about returning back to school?